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XERC Inc. does only three things, but does them expertly well and is very competitively priced: Operations Optimization, Efficiency Improvement and Engineering Research.

They do not try to sell financing, are not an accounting firm nor do they have a hidden agenda to sell other services... their business is only to make manufacturing and operations of any size more profitable, and....

Nothing else.



The way XERC carries out its business is through their three divisions, although - in most cases - they are intimately linked to each other and are interdependent:


1) Manufacturing operations improvement consulting services

This is the division that leads and pulls the other two divisions into obtaining the client's greatest profitability increase. It aids manufacturing operations to become much more profitable using the entire arsenal of tools, methods, knowhow and experience at XERC's disposal, including those of the other two divisions.

2) Scientific and Technical Consulting Services

XERC has the knowhow to develop and exploit innovative "outside-of-the-box" designs. Wind Energy, automotive, radiation therapy, nuclear medicine, MRI, radiology, chemical processing, medical and diagnostic devices are just some of the fields where XERC's personnel have deep undertstanding and design concepts, capable of transforming ideas into totally innovative solutions.

3) Research and Development in the Physical, Engineering and Life Sciences.

This division is based on pure Research & Development + Innovation in the Physical, Engineering and Life Sciences. Many times, companies use processes and techniques that have been in use in the industry for decades, but there are more current methods in existence or one may have to be developed. When a new technique/method is devised, it must be proven, validated and documented in order to be implemented (especially in sectors relating to medical and life sciences).

The most amazing part of XERC's optimization expertise is their application of all these foundations to small and medium-sized companies in an environmentally responsible way. Reducing waste, garbage and scrap are just some of the ways the environment benefits from less disposal costs, recycling costs, etc.